OIL-0024 GALLON BAUER COMPRESSOR OIL (Synthetic) - Chemlube 800 Lubricants

OIL-0024 GALLON BAUER COMPRESSOR OIL (Synthetic) - Chemlube 800 Lubricants

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OIL-0024 BAUER COMPRESSOR OIL (Synthetic) is used for Bauer Compressors.

Bauer Compressor OIL-0024 Compressor Oil (Synthetic) is designed and manufactured for continuous running Breathing Air Compressors and Industrial Air Compressors.

Bauer Compressor Oil (Synthetic) OIL-0024 is sold in gallons.

Bauer Compressors are designed to inject a precise amount of oil into the final stage’s guiding piston at constant pressure. The oil drips down onto the spinning driving gear. This produces a fine oil mist, which lubricates the bearings and cylinder walls.

Three main reasons for lubricating compressors are:

  • minimizing friction,
  • minimizing wear, especially in the cylinders and bearings,
  • cooling the unit.

Careful selection of adequate lubricants is of prime importance. Since these are in contact with breathing air, they have to be physiologically and toxicologically safe. Brands have to be certified for the use in BAUER Breathing Air Compressors. The choice of oil also has fundamental influence on the compressor’s lifetime.

Lubricants are either synthetic or mineral oils. Synthetic oils are designed for heavy-duty use and continuous running over a wide temperature range (+5 °C to +45 °C). Synthetic oil ought to be changed after 2 000 operating hours or after two years, whichever occurs first. The specific servicing interval is indicated in every model’s operating manual.

Mineral oils are designed for light duty compressor use and for a narrower temperature range (+5 °C to +35 °C). Mineral oil ought to be changed after 1 000 operating hours or after 12 months, whichever occurs first.

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